About Us

The people behind Just Fabulous training and coaching

The CEOs

A dynamic mother-daughter duo, Debbie Allen and Amy Burbridge, join forces with a group of talented professionals who share their commitment to excellence and raising industry standards.

With a combined experience of over 40 years in the Health and Wellness industry, Debbie and Amy bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to their work.

Debbie Allen


Debbie Allen is a highly experienced professional with over 40 years in the Health and Wellness industry. With a background in Beauty Therapy and Complementary therapies, Debbie has owned and managed her own salons and clinics before transitioning into teaching and mentoring others in the industry. Her expertise and natural rapport with people allow her to provide holistic treatments and guide her clients towards overall wellbeing.

Not only is Debbie a successful businesswoman, but she is also a dedicated mentor and a supportive force in her Women in Business networking group, where she helps women balance work, family, and personal life. With her deep understanding of the importance of mindset in achieving health and success, Debbie empowers women to reach their goals and create the lives they desire through training and one-on-one mindset coaching.

As a key executive and founder of a family-run retail company, Debbie has extensive experience running various business models within the Therapy and Wellness industry. She brings a wealth of knowledge and a positive, nurturing approach to her clients and colleagues.

Aside from her professional pursuits, Debbie is a loving mother to Amy and a proud grandmother to two young grandchildren. She also embraces the role of fur mom to her beloved cats and dogs.

Amy Burbridge


Amy is a seasoned expert in the beauty industry with a wealth of experience and qualifications. She began her journey in sixth form, training and qualifying in beauty treatments before branching out into hairdressing. Amy honed her skills by working in local salons and eventually opened her own spa within a hotel and golf resort.

Always eager to expand her knowledge and share her expertise, Amy went on to train as a teacher and gained numerous additional qualifications in advanced skincare, microblading, and semi-permanent makeup. She even became a trainer herself, hosting train-the-trainers courses and supporting past students as they started their own successful businesses and training academies.

Alongside her teaching endeavours, Amy continues to run her own therapy business, Fabulously Beautiful. She effortlessly balances her professional pursuits with the joys and challenges of raising two babies under two, and taking care of her two cats and a dog.

Amy's entrepreneurial skills extend beyond the cosmetology field. She is actively involved in managing the accounts and running social media for a family retail and service-based business. In addition, Amy channels her creativity into running a successful Etsy business as a sideline.

With her friendly and professional approach, Amy is always ready to help clients, students, and fellow entrepreneurs achieve their beauty and business goals.