Mindset Coaching for Women

Debbie's unwavering passion and strengths lie in the realm of education and empowerment, particularly geared towards female therapy entrepreneurs, helping them break free of limitations and fully realize their full potential.

We are all wired a little differently, having anxiety or fears of phobias does not mean you are broken, it just means you may need a little help to overcome some past outdated beliefs about yourself.

Working with Debbie, you will find a dedicated guide ready to assist you in dismantling those mental barriers that have been holding you back. With her guidance, you'll not only overcome these obstacles but also propel yourself forward towards the fulfilment of your goals, ultimately living the life you've always envisioned.

Debbie takes her clients through this exciting and dynamic process called the Control system, that all her clients have loved from the first session. She will guide you through a unique and exciting method that puts you back in control. You will see a huge difference in your everyday life as well as being able to achieve goals you never thought possible before. It's a process that unlocks your potential to achieve goals previously deemed unattainable. The key, as Debbie well knows, lies in the change of entrenched thought and behavioural patterns, paving the way for a brighter future.

Her natural empathy forms a cornerstone of her approach, ensuring that you not only receive guidance but also the understanding and support you need to thrive.
If you're grappling with a lack of confidence, battling low self-esteem, contending with fears, phobias, anxiety, or overwhelming panic attacks, or if you simply require assistance in managing your time and enhancing your focus – look no further.

Most of her clients see a huge change in just a few sessions.

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Packages Available

Package 1  30 minute power session to set your intention, working out what your barriers are and setting your new goal. Price £59

Suitable for personal development or a business boost when you are feeling stuck.

Contact us for more information and to book your timeslot.


Package 2 The full Control programme

Change something if not everything about the way you think feel and behave. £249

This is usually achieved in 3 intensive sessions where you can overcome a lifetime of anxiety , lack of confidence or fears and phobias.

We are not born anxious or depressed. We didn’t have fears or phobias from birth these are learnt behaviour. You don’t have to be stuck with them, with the right tools you can gain control, become confident, feel happy in your own skin, ditching the constant anxiety and overwhelm that is keeping you stuck.