Exciting times ahead

Although the months seem to fly by, team just Fabulous are now keen to bid farewell to another official winter in the UK. Here in Kent we’ve experienced a winter that although quite mild, (so far) we have too often been drenched in rain. However, on the plus side, amidst the downpours, there’s a silver lining – our gardens are flourishing, boasting lush greenery, and promising signs of new growth with snowdrops and primroses peeking through the soil.

Speaking of growth, let’s shift our focus to personal and professional development this spring. It’s all too easy for self-improvement to languish at the bottom of our to-do lists, buried beneath the weight of daily tasks and obligations. We’ve all bought self-help books and drafted ambitious plans for healthier living, yet somehow, they remain untouched, gathering dust on our shelves.

But here’s the thing: true growth begins with the mind. Tackling negative thought patterns, imposter syndrome, or the paralysing grip of anxiety is essential if we’re to unlock our full potential. After all, how can we expect to chase our dreams if we’re constantly held back by self-doubt?

The good news is that our minds are incredibly powerful tools, capable of transformation once we learn to harness their potential. Yet, in moments of anxiety or self-doubt, it’s all too easy to become fixated on our fears, unwittingly feeding into a cycle of negativity. It’s like walking into a shop and the shopkeeper asking you what you would like and you answer “not bread,” only to find ourselves surrounded by loaves at every turn.

Instead of fixating on what we don’t want – be it anxiety, self-doubt, or overwhelm – let’s reframe our thoughts and focus on what we do want: calmness, confidence, happiness. By shifting our mindset and consciously directing our thoughts towards positive outcomes, we pave the way for growth, both personally and professionally.

So, as we embrace the changing seasons, let’s also embrace the opportunity for personal growth. Let’s nourish our minds like we nourish our gardens, cultivating a fertile environment where our hopes and dreams can take root and flourish. After all, the seeds of success are already within us – it’s time to let them bloom.

In other news we are super excited to be embarking on a weekend adventure as we set our sights on London for a jam-packed itinerary. Our journey commences with an exclusive launch party, brimming with industry luminaries, all gathering to celebrate two amazing launches of Nabuno and The Hair and Beauty Directory.

Nabuno, masterminded by Sue Davies and Di Hughes, is a cutting-edge learning platform tailored specifically for our industry, serving as the cornerstone for hosting our comprehensive range of courses and the Platform we chose to use for all our Just Fabulous courses.

The Hair and Beauty Directory, with the visionary Helen Ward, at the helm is going to be a huge  support for small business owners in both the Hair and Beauty industry navigating the complexities of today’s economic landscape. Together, these platforms are poised to elevate industry standards and empower professionals across the hair and beauty sector.

We then will be spending two days as part of a dynamic team at Professional Beauty London 2nd and 3rd March. If you haven’t got your tickets yet there is still time. It’s a free event and promised to be bigger and better than ever this year and now includes the exciting new edition of The Career and Small business hub of which we are a part of.

Here, amidst the hustle and bustle, you’ll find a sanctuary where your voice is heard. With a curated schedule of open table discussions, on-the-floor mentors offering invaluable guidance, and personalised coaching sessions, the hub is a haven for growth and development.

Throughout the weekend, Debbie will be on hand to provide mentorship and engage in one-on-one sessions, while on Monday, she’ll take be leading thought-provoking discussions on advancing your career through education. Meanwhile, you will Amy stationed at the help desk, her friendly disposition and expert knowledge ensuring you’re well-equipped to make the most of your experience.

We extend a heartfelt invitation to all attendees of Professional Beauty to connect with us. Whether you’re seeking advice, a friendly face, or simply enjoying a day off work, we’re here to make your experience truly memorable. So come find us, don’t hesitate to say hello –we can grab a cuppa and have a chat.


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