Today’s musings from my sunbed in Menorca ๐Ÿ˜Ž

I haven’t done a blog post in a while, mainly because  I have been super busy this summer with personal training and development to help progress with my therapy business. I have some new collaborations on the horizon and have an amazing freebie coming out later this month with some fabulous essential oil info to balance hormones and see you through the winter blues.

This summer has also seen big changes to our home life, Martin and I have been deliberating for a while about moving house, but that would mean leaving the best community of neighbours ever and money just can’t buy that! So for now we are staying put and doing lots of renovating, some structural remodelling and major decorating to our home, which has meant months of dust and chaos (but the end result will be worth it).

As I write this I’m having a break and enjoying some September family time in Menorca while pondering on all the changes that have happened over the last few years.

It has got me seriously thinking (or as serious as I can be after a few Sangrias๐Ÿน). A lot of stuff hasn’t been sitting right with me for quite a while, even pre pandemic, yet I have fallen into the trap of going with the flow, allowing voices (or opinions) louder than mine to shout over the top.

Over a period of time, (and being the strong capable woman I am) I have decided it’s time to up my game, to never compromise my integrity or lower my standards for anyone.

To move forward in a positive way I need to maintain my values and stay true to myself so I can stand proud of my own achievements.

The act of imperfect action is okay but not if you lose a bit of yourself along the way. I get that some action is better than no action in business but I like to set the bar high, to collaborate with others who also give 100% and whose values mirror my own.

There is a huge difference between a job done well and just getting a job done, taking the money and moving on.
That’s not me, there is no joy in minimal effort.

My life has been tied up so long with having to continually compromise, not being able to do the best job possible and so losing a bit of myself along the way.

By the beginning of 2022 I knew I had to make some big change, be accountable to myself and no one else. I need to go back to being the best version of me and being able to develop my business in keeping with my own vision and values.

So while on holiday, as so often happens, I have had time to distance myself and reflect on what I need to do for the final quarter of this year.  I have a plan I must work through to get where I need to be so I can start a new chapter in 2023.

Along with some big changes ahead I intend to listen to my own internal moral compass, put my own integrity first and, if a few feathers get ruffled along the way then so be it.

I am grateful to have a few good friends and fellow business women who will help me reach my goals, hold me accountable and celebrate my new ventures with me.

Everyone needs to find their tribe and have people around you who encourage you to live your best life.

I am a women’s champion and love nothing more than seeing other women  succeed. I have seen my own clients, once they have worked with me and upgraded their mindset, go on to smash their goals and achieve far more than they ever dreamed possible. This year for me too, I have had the privilege of working with some truly inspirational women who have helped me set clear goals. Some in my own health and wellbeing industry, others who are business coaches and strategists. Finding the right people you can gel with and work alongside is definitely key to success. There are times when we all need expert help both on a personal business level.

As my holiday comes to an end I will return to a busy few months. In my absence a wall has come down in my house, my living room will be a mess ready for decorating and new flooring.

But the renovations all symbolise new beginnings, a new way of living and I’m excited to see what lies ahead.

In the words of – Anne Sweeney (Former President, Disney ABC Television Group

“Define success on your own terms, achieve it by your own rules, and build a life youโ€™re proud to live.โ€

This so resonates with me. 

I encourage anyone who took the time to read this to not fear change, to set goals and be your own success story.

“A ship is always safe at the shore. But that is not what it is built for” – Albert Einstein.

Use this last quarter of 2022 to get your priorities straight, set boundaries and determine your future goals. Don’t allow yourself to be stuck in the harbour, you are worth so much more. 


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