You are good enough

You have amazing potential and are capable of achieving great things.

We are all created by God, perfect, confident people. As a child we are blissfully unaware that our differences are something we get judged by. The thing is we are not the same, each one of us is unique and amazing in our own way.

I like to use the story of a bear a snake and a fish.  They are all together put to a test to determine who is the most talented. The test involved them all climbing a tree. Great for the bear who shimmied straight up, the snake slithered its way up too leaving the fish flaying around at the bottom miserably failing the test. The fish feels stupid and loses its confidence. Different if it had been a swimming test the fish would have been victorious. The fish now doesn’t feel good enough and lacks self-esteem.

We can all feel like that compared to other people’s victories. From childhood we are compared to others, see others achieve things at school that we don’t. It isn’t always pointed out that we have other skills, we are good enough, pretty enough, smart enough. Our talents may lay outside what’s on the national curriculum.

At school I felt like the fish, I too wasn’t a great climber even struggled with the ropes in the gym. I hated maths because I was told I wasn’t good at it. A big mistake in teaching is to tell someone they aren’t good at a subject, as a teacher now myself I recognise this as lazy teaching. But the thing is we come to believe this is true. I was often told I wasn’t academic, but here I am now with a degree in education.

So, what happened to the bear, the snake and the fish? Well, I like to think this little fish pulled himself together and said “tree climbing isn’t my thing, you two did great at tree climbing now jump into the lake with me and I’ll teach you to swim as good as me” I like to imagine a story where the bear the snake and the fish had fun together in the lake, each recognised the other’s strengths, didn’t mock or judge each other. The bear tells the fish “I might be good at tree climbing but you are really awesome at swimming.”

Everyone is good at something; we are all unique and perfect in our own way.

My clients who come to me lacking in confidence, who feel anxiety is holding them back from being able to live their best life all learn to change their mindset and overcome the barriers holding them back. Sometime we can’t even pinpoint how our lack of confidence started, it can be a gradual process. For others they know what started their panic attacks but can’t seem to move on.

The control method I work with uses a direct method of working with the mind. To explain how our mind works, there are two major parts to our thinking: The conscious and the subconscious. The conscious part of our mind represents the thoughts we are aware of, it is our subconscious that controls all of our feelings, behaviours, and beliefs. The beliefs that restrict us, cause us to doubt ourselves and prevent us from reaching our true potential are all at some point learnt at a subconscious level.  When we try to change the way we think, feel, or behave we often struggle to make any lasting changes ourselves. Logically we know how we should be thinking but find it hard to put into practise and maintain. This is because our efforts involve using our conscious mind when it is our subconscious that is in charge of any change.

The CONTROL system outs you back in charge of your own thoughts and patterns of behaviour. Whether you use this every day or just once in a lifetime as soon as you know this system you will have a permanent means of updating your previously learned patterns of thought and re programme yourself for success.

Don’t just take my word for it check out what my clients say in the reviews on my website.

Here are a couple of excerpts from 2 Facebook reviews.

“I’m so thankful and grateful to Debbie, she has helped me through my haunting anxiety and worry that I had let control me from day to day. I can honestly say since having my sessions with Debbie, I have never felt more in control of this awful anxiety feeling that I let take over me. I have found my self-esteem improve, my sleep and my well-being so much better. I have even lost weight with just having more control of my happiness and general health.” Kerry Handley

“I honestly cannot recommend Debbie and this treatment more. When I initially went to Debbie with issues regarding my anxiety which was a consequence of a horrific ordeal that I had experienced. I was desperate for help to find a way to deal with day-to-day activities that I found impossible due to the severity of my feelings of anxiety. I had already tried many things and felt like I was always going to be defeated.” 

“I can’t believe the difference I have found in my general day to day life and I am now able to face many situations I found very daunting in the past. I will forever be thankful for the difference this treatment and Debbie have made in my life.”

“Before Debbie’s help walking into my own home with my young son was a massive task for me but since completing this course, I have pushed myself every day to achieve more. Debbie doesn’t just offer a solution to your problems she also leaves you with strategies to face any other issues you may find in the future. A massive 10 out of 10 from me!” Tara Louise

If you have something you would like to change, fears that hold you back from fulfilling your dreams, have let anxiety take over or have lost your confidence maybe suffering from overwhelm or need help with moving on, then get in touch for a chat to see if this system will be the answer for you.


I will be running group workshop sessions with my two lovely CONTROL colleagues Chris and Caroline Williams.

On these workshop days you will get 3 fabulous CONTROL practitioners for the price of one! Our 8th August workshop is already full.

The dates for the rest of 2021 Kent workshops are

Saturday 4th Sept 9.30am-5pm

Sunday 24th October 9.30am-5pm

Sun 5th December 9.30-5pm

Contact me for more information


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