What is confidence?

Being confident in a room full of people isn’t about showing off. It’s not about a dazzling personality, it’s not about looking the part. Being confident in public is about being interested in the other people around you, having the ability to listen to the opinions of others and notice the detail in their conversations.

Don’t mistake a quiet person as lacking in confidence. They may just be confident enough to not need to make an entrance, confident enough to not voice a loud opinion and just content to listen and learn.

Confidence comes in many forms. We are all born confident, we didn’t wish as a toddler that things would be different if only, we were taller, slimmer, had straight hair etc. We didn’t wish we were better at drawing or singing. We were happy to scribble on paper and warble out a tune loudly.

As we get older, we start comparing ourselves to others, if we get judged by others, we take this on as truth. Yet it’s just an opinion.

To feel confident, it’s not about what others think it’s about how we perceive ourselves. It’s too easy to judge ourselves against others. We see so much on social media of others people’s bright shiny lives, their filtered unrealistic Instagram pictures. In reality these bright shiny people have as many hang ups as you, if not more. They have their own anxieties, insecurities and lack of self-worth.

You may feel you are stuck in this mindset and are just not a naturally confident person. Or think you would feel more confident if you could alter your appearance. None of this is true. To be the best version of you it is perfectly possible to change your mindset, get Control of this negative pattern of thought and be able to live life as a more confident version of you.

You can be free from constant anxiety and feelings that can overwhelm you. Confidence is the ability to be yourself and accept yourself. Only then will you be happy with your life. If you want to get back Control of your life, feel less anxious and find renewed confidence then check out my page about how the control system can help you.

Life is precious so invest in your mental health so you can live life to the fullest. I run one to one sessions for clients, or new from July I will be offering 1 day group workshops where you can learn to utilise this method for yourself.


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