Be the Captain of Your Own Ship

The CONTROL system is the brain child of Tim Box and he makes the analogy of our mind being like a ship with a Captain and a crew.

The Captain knows where we are going, she knows why we are going there and she has a pretty good idea how we will get there.

Unfortunately, the part of our mind that has its hands on everything required to steer and sail this ship is the crew. The crew is our subconscious.

When the crew is listening to the captain then everything is plain sailing. No matter how choppy the waters get, we at least know we are pulling in the right direction.

When the crew isn’t listening to the captain you end up with lots of parts of your mind pulling in different directions due to the fact that each crew member is only concerned with the one specific job they are doing.

By contacting individual members of your crew, the captain gets to reassign jobs and ultimately steer the ship where it needs to go.

Why should your crew listen?

Regardless of the fact that anyone who wants to make changes using the CONTROL system has probably tried many other methods and has no doubt become frustrated with their inability to effect lasting change, redirecting your crew is often very simple.

Your crew seldom objects to positive changes.

The reason for this is that your subconscious mind is only interested in finding the best strategy for the most happiness.

Your crew is never trying to sink the ship. It is always open to a better way of doing things. Just because you have learnt one way of thinking about something, it doesn’t mean you are stuck thinking this way forever.

The reason it often feels like we are fighting against ourselves is because many of your crew members are now doing the wrong jobs. They assigned themselves tasks when you were a child and many of them have continued doing those tasks without realising circumstances have changed.

As an adult you are now on a very different ship, and your crew have the advantage of having a captain who knows where this ship wants to go, when previously they were just left to their own devices to adopt whatever strategy made sure the ship didn’t sink.

Providing a crew member has no objections to changing their role you will experience whatever change in thinking you believe to be better.

This dynamic and exciting method will put you firmly back in charge. You will be the captain and you get to steer your own ship and choose your own destiny. The crew will happily be happy to follow the new role they have and accept this new strategy is far better.

It’s time to take control of your own mind and make that lasting change today.


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